San Valentine's Menu
with a Southern Italian touch!

Live Music with Sultans of Swing (for reservation in our Gallery Room)

Ottavio | Turkey

$180 (serves 6-8)

Organic Turkey stuffed with plums, dates, cranberries

Pietro | Polpettone al forno

$125 (serves 4)

Beef Meatloaf with roasted Potatoes

Leone | Scampi Arraganati

$145 (serves 4)

Wood-fired Langoustines 

Romi | Lasagnetta Vegetariana

$90 (serves 4-6)

Vegetarian Lasagna

Pasta al forno

$110 (serves 4-6)

Baked Pasta with Ragu Sauce, Mozzarella, Cherry Tomato.

Ale | Patate al forno

$32 (serves 4) 

Roasted Potatoes 

Olga | Verdure al forno

$28 (serves 4)

Roasted Vegetables

La Scamiciata

$35 (serves 4)

Mixed Greens, Seeds, Pomegranate, Cranberries, Red Onion, Cucumber, Apple Juice, EVOO.

Festa dei Baresi

$32 (serves 4)

Mixed Greens, Fennel, Ubriaco Cheese, Apple, Seeds, Lemon

La Riffa 


Pumpkin Pie

La Capagira | Tiramisu

$48 Serves 6


Pastiera Napoletana


Traditional Cake from Naples


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