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From Breakfast to Dinner.  

Tuesday Jazz

Don't miss the very best of Los Angeles Jazz Music served up with Authentic Southern Italian Food.

Every Tuesday. From 7 to 9pm


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Brands we've proudly served





Chris Norton Quartet

Jazz Tuesday




Michelle Colatrane Quarte

Jazz Tuesday




The Sultans of Swing

 Jazz Tuesday





Jazz Tuesday




Jennifer Leigh Warren Trio

Jazz Tuesday




Alfredo Caceres Trio

Jazz Tuesday

Peter Lodato

Always fascinated by the uncertainty of human perception, and the duplicitous nature of vision, which can be both revealing and deceitful, Lodato creates paintings that delve into this duality. Upon first read they are austere, geometric abstractions. After further observation, however, the paintings begin to vibrate: brushstrokes become evident and the surface reveals that there are numerous layers beneath. The hard edges of his often bi-chromatic works dissipate into sensuous fields of color that seem to push space in and out. Lodato’s reductive, divided compositions are visual confrontations between the planar simplicity of form and the resonance of particular pigments. A disciple of the AbEx color field painter, Barnett Newman, Lodato’s sumptuously colored canvases echo Newman’s concept of using division as a way to merge different areas of the canvas into a sublime whole. 

Art Exhibition | April 7- June 30, 2024

Frank Gruber 
Back to the South 1971

"In late July 1971, we spent several weeks in the South (Italy), “il Mezzogiorno,” while my father did some ethnography and my mother, an artist, sketched. There I was, in a place that was very foreign to me, with a camera, and that’s when I took these photographs. For me, the essential aspect of visual anthropology, and what should distinguish it from journalism, or “street photography,” or travel photography, is direct engagement with the subject. Meaning no subterfuge and no voyeurism. In a public setting, such as a public procession, one can infer consent from the public nature of the ceremony, but ideally the photographer engages with the people being photographed. In my best photographs, the subject looks directly into the camera. The photographer should allow his or her subjects to present themselves as they wish to be presented."

Projected Photo Exhibition | March 3 - April 7, 2024


Welcome to LA Puglia


Authentic Southern Italian

LA Puglia is now open​​​​​ in Santa Monica, at 1621 Wilshire Blvd. Come visit us!


100% Organic Flour

Prepared using  our proprietary mix of organic flours and only all-natural Mother Yeast.


Fresh Made Pastries

Brioche, Croissant, Tortino, Pasticciotto and Sfogliatelle.
Enjoy an authentic Southern Italian breakfast in Santa Monica.

Private Parties

Private Room for Special Events

Let us make your next Event unique!


Our delicacies at your place

Bring a little of Puglia to your next dinner party!

Retail & Takeout

Selected Apulian Products

Unique Gift baskets,  goodies  and our special collection of ceramics.


The Very Best of Apulian Wines

A selection of the most representative wines from Puglia.

Homemade Gelato

100% Organic Fresh Milk & Fruit

Organic homemade gelato in a wide variety of flavors.

Fresh Juices

Organic Juices

Organic fresh-pressed juices prepared on demand.

Gambero Rosso's Restaurant of the Year 2023

"The Restaurant of the Year is a hymn to the authenticity of our regional cuisines: LA Puglia in Santa Monica"

Our Cooking Classes 

Bread Making - June 30th


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