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Jennifer Leigh Warren Trio

“A little Nina and more: a casual evening of songs and stories.
Fresh off of her NAACP Award nomination for “Nina Simone: Four Women” she joins forces with musical director Mary Ekler for an evening of Nina Simone songs and other standards. Known for her show-stopping performance in the Broadway show Big River (singing a gospel song written for her by Roger Miller), to the original Little Shop of Horrors, to the television event RENT: LIVE. She performed with the LA Philharmonic, in Disney Concert Hall, in the “Rock my Soul” festival and performed her “Diamonds Are Forever: The Songs of Shirley Bassey” concert directed by Richard Jay Alexander in the Renberg Theater and as “The Blues Singer” in A Night with Janis Joplin (USA, Canada) streaming now on Broadway HD.com. On The Tonight Show, CONAN and Jimmy Kimmel, she performed with Broken Bells, The Kills, Trombone Shorty, Lisa Loeb and OK GO. In Denmark she sang with Al Jarreau (televised LIVE throughout Europe).




How much is Enough?

Book Reading and Dinner with Claire Berger and Wendy Hammers

Acclaimed writers and comedians Claire Berger and actor Wendy Hammers will explore the question, “How Much Is Enough?” Claire will read from her interactive memoir, “How Much Is Enough? Getting More By Living With Less.” Personally signed books will be available for sale.

Prefix menu including Salad, Pasta and Dessert $55p.p. + taxes and service fee.




Chris Norton Quartet

Chris Norton - Trumpet vocals
Roy Dunlap -Piano
Gary Wicks - Bass
Norm Roper - drums

A soulful vocalist and an intuitive trumpet player, Norton’s charismatic stage presence, sophistication, and debonair style have called for long-standing residencies at iconic venues around the world. Blending his love for traditional jazz and hard bop brings an unforgettable musical experience.




Evan Stone Quartet

Lia Booth - vocals
Eva Stone - drums
Adam Cohen - Bass
Aaron Provisor - Piano

Stone boasts a rich history of musical collaborations with renowned artists like Greg Adams (Tower Of Power), Maynard Ferguson, Toni Childs, Kei Akagi (Miles Davis), Gerald Albright (Anita Baker, Phil Collins, Rick James), Aly and AJ, among others. His contributions span various genres, from jazz to rock. Recognized in 'Modern Drummer' magazine, Stone has also gained acclaim as a solo artist. His Straight-Ahead Jazz and Avant-Garde albums, including 'Sticks & Stone Vol. 1' and 'Music from The Future' with his Translucent Ham Sandwich Band, have garnered widespread radio play, showcasing his diverse musical talent.
"Whether navigating the intricacies of a complex bebop head or laying down a foot-stomping swing groove, the Evan Stone Quartet consistently delivers performances that are both intellectually stimulating and emotionally engaging." Owen




Alfredo Caceres Flamenco Trio

Alfredo Cáceres -guitar
Josè Prieto - voice and guitar
Hector Torres - percussions

Born and raised in Guatemala City, Guatemala, Cáceres, a complete guitarist and composer, has been involved in a wide variety of projects and bands in styles ranging from World music, Flamenco, Jazz, Brazilian, Salsa, Pop and Latin. He has collaborated on several recordings in local and international productions, as well as in different festivals in the United States and in Europe. Alfredo has been living in the United States full-time since 2009, and has played alongside many different artists in the World Music arena, such as Persian singer Hamed Nikpay, guitarist Russ Hewitt, the Gypsy All Stars (of the Gipsy Kings family), Mario Reyes, and Marcus Nand (Ziroq), just to name a few. In 2012, Cáceres released his first solo album in the U.S., one that involves a variety of his original compositions within the last ten years, recorded in his hometown of Guatemala and in Los Angeles, California. 




George Kahn and Courtney Lemmon Trio




Tawanda Quartet




The Pepper Moons

Eva Mikhailovna - vocals
Mark San Filippo- Drums
Phil Small- Piano
Gabe Davis- Bass 

Strada Swing is a jazz band with a little French twist. Their music will take you on a musical journey to the romantic city of Paris, with cheerful vocal melodies infused with the captivating rhythm of French gypsy jazz. Inspired by the vibrant and energetic style of gypsy jazz, popularized by French guitarist Django Reinhardt and the Hot Club of France in the 1930s, Strada Swing combines vocal jazz with acoustic instruments accordion, guitar to create an elegant, cheerful, and lively sound. Their performances take listeners on a musical journey through jazz standards from the 1930s-60s, as well as popular and lesser-known songs in French by composers like Cole Porter, Charles Trenet, and Michel Legrand.​ 

Cooking Class | Bread Making 

July 14th, 2024

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Book Reading and Dinner
with Claire Berger and Wendy Hammers

July 21st, 2024

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Peter Lodato Diamonds/Divisions/Voids

 Always fascinated by the uncertainty of human perception, and the duplicitous nature of vision, which can be both revealing and deceitful, Lodato creates paintings that delve into this duality. Upon first read they are austere, geometric abstractions. After further observation, however, the paintings begin to vibrate: brushstrokes become evident and the surface reveals that there are numerous layers beneath. The hard edges of his often bi-chromatic works dissipate into sensuous fields of color that seem to push space in and out. Lodato’s reductive, divided compositions are visual confrontations between the planar simplicity of form and the resonance of particular pigments. A disciple of the AbEx color field painter, Barnett Newman, Lodato’s sumptuously colored canvases echo Newman’s concept of using division as a way to merge different areas of the canvas into a sublime whole. 

Art Exhibition |  April 7 - June 30, 2024

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