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Frank Gruber
Back to the South 1971 

"In late July 1971, we spent several weeks in the South (Italy), “il Mezzogiorno,” while my father did some ethnography and my mother, an artist, sketched. There I was, in a place that was very foreign to me, with a camera, and that’s when I took these photographs. For me, the essential aspect of visual anthropology, and what should distinguish it from journalism, or “street photography,” or travel photography, is direct engagement with the subject. Meaning no subterfuge and no voyeurism. In a public setting, such as a public procession, one can infer consent from the public nature of the ceremony, but ideally the photographer engages with the people being photographed. In my best photographs, the subject looks directly into the camera. The photographer should allow his or her subjects to present themselves as they wish to be presented."

Projected Photo Exhibition | March 3 - April 7, 2024

La Rivoluzione Siamo Noi 
We are the Revolution

A 83 minutes documentary by Ilaria Freccia and Ludovico Pratesi Directed by Ilaria Freccia Produced by Istituto Luce Cinecittà 
March 4th, 2024
Reception 6pm (with complementary aperitif)
Screening at 6:30 followed by Q&A with director Ilaria Freccia
$30 ($15 is tax deductible)
The event is organized by Azzurra and tickets are sold on Eventbrite.

Documentary Screening | March 4th, 2024


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Evan Stone Quartet

Lia Booth - vocals
Eva Stone - drums
Adam Cohen - Bass
Aaron Provisor - Piano




Elaine Gibbs Quartet




Diane Elder Quartet

Diane Elder has been in love with jazz since she saw her parents swing dance to the sounds of Count Basie when she was five years old. Champion swing dancers, Diane’s parents exposed her to all the great players and singers from her earliest years and Diane sang right along, honing her chops on Ella, Sarah, and Anita O’Day. After graduating from USC, Diane went to New York and appeared in off-Broadway musicals and revivals and took 2nd place in the prestigious NATS (National Association of Teachers of Singing) competition. It was in New York that she was first exposed to the magic of live jazz and was hooked for life. Diane played several clubs in New York and then returned to Los Angeles and worked with the top jazz musicians here. In addition to the Great American Songbook, Diane is also known for her thoughtful interpretations of Bossa Nova classics which she sings in both English and Portuguese. This evening she is delighted to appear with Dionne Warwick's own Music Director, Todd Hunter and his trio.




The Aristocats with Elysia Biro

Elysia Biro - Vocals
Bobby Pierce - Piano
David Marcus - Guitar
Ryan Feves - Bass
Paul Kreibich - Drums

In the spirit of Jimmy Smith and Booker T., Keyboard Master Bobby Pierce, Guitarist David Marcus and Drummer Paul Kreibich have joined forces to form the Aristocats. With international credits spanning decades, an evening with the Aristocats is sure to be soulful, sublime and grooving! Joining them will be international performing artist ELYSIA BIRO.Blessed with an innate ability to forge meaningful bonds with her audience, Elysia cherishes the profound connection that blossoms between artist and listener. From the vibrant streets of London Elysia weaves her magic uniting hearts through her voice and song.




Alfredo Caceres Flamenco Trio

Alfredo Cáceres -guitar
Josè Prieto - voice and guitar
Hector Torres - percussions

Born and raised in Guatemala City, Guatemala, Cáceres, a complete guitarist and composer, has been involved in a wide variety of projects and bands in styles ranging from World music, Flamenco, Jazz, Brazilian, Salsa, Pop and Latin. He has collaborated on several recordings in local and international productions, as well as in different festivals in the United States and in Europe. Alfredo has been living in the United States full-time since 2009, and has played alongside many different artists in the World Music arena, such as Persian singer Hamed Nikpay, guitarist Russ Hewitt, the Gypsy All Stars (of the Gipsy Kings family), Mario Reyes, and Marcus Nand (Ziroq), just to name a few. In 2012, Cáceres released his first solo album in the U.S., one that involves a variety of his original compositions within the last ten years, recorded in his hometown of Guatemala and in Los Angeles, California. 




Teryn Re Quartet

Teryn Re. - vocals
Adam Hersh - piano
Peter Gemus - bass
Matt Gordy - drums - vocals

A sultry singer performing classics from the American Songbook with some pop tunes thrown into the mix.




Tawanda Quartet

Tawanda Suessbrich-Joaquim - Vocals
Bobby Pierce - Piano
David Marcus - Guitar
Ryan Feves - Bass
Paul Kreibich - Drums

Jazz is one form of music that transcends most other genres and has done so throughout the ages. Its complexity, off beat rhythms, sophistication and constant desire to improvise and evolve itself courses through its precious origins. Those traditions run deep within the soul of award-winning vocalist Tawanda Suessbrich-Joaquim and there is no greater gift than seeing her sing her story in full flight.




The Pepper Moons

Eva Mikhailovna - Vocals, guitar
Rick Olsen - Piano
Peter Gemus - Bass
Matt Gordy - Drums




Fresh Mint Pharaohs

Ifunanya Nweke -  vocals
Frankie Blue - guitar
Donald Bruner - piano
Roland Childs - bass 

The LA-based quintet fuses jazz, neosoul, funk and strains of Afropop into infectious grooves that lift up and unite audiences in the shared joy of music.  
The Band Frankie Blue, guitar and vocals: Frankie made his mark in music as a songwriter and producer at Sony Records, where he worked with Prince, the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Earth, Wind and Fire, among others. He then shifted his focus to writing music for movies and television, which led to an Emmy nomination. Donald Bruner, keyboards and vocals: Donald has been playing keyboards and singing since he was 10.  He has played with band members from The Counting Crows, Fiona Apple, Van Morrison, Ambrosia and Eddie Money, among others. In other words, always a bridesmaid, never a bride. Ifunanya Nweke, lead vocals: Ifunanya is a striking new voice in the L.A. music scene. Born in Nigeria, Ifu blends her love of neosoul with African rhythms to create some of the most distinctive and nuanced singing in these parts. 

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